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QStudio designs, manufactures and exports  copper products, such as coatings and lighting. Being the only ones in the world to use Chilean sheets, uniting design, innovation, exclusivity and sustainability


Qstudio was born in 2012, with the intention of contributing to the country in 2 important points where Chile was (and still is) a leader:

  1. Chile is the largest producer of copper in the world, but the raw material is exported and it is bought from the sheets to the pipes from other countries, such as Mexico or China.

  2. We are the 1st. Country in Latin America with the highest percentage of prisoners and 2nd in the OECD (only surpassed by the USA)


Based on this, our challenge was to do something with our main material, with the support of CODELCO, we reached an agreement to obtain Chilean sheets and then with the Gendarmerie to be able to manufacture our products in the COLINA 1 prison, giving training and work to inmates, helping them in their reintegration into society.



In 2013, with the help of ProChile and DIRAC, we went to our first international fair, the great Satellite Room within EUROLUCE in Milan,  being the reception and the results well above expectations, being today our greatest outsourcing strategy, participating every year in 1 or 2 international fairs, such as:

  • Euroluce - Milan 

  • Light and building - Frankfurt

  • Venice Design - Venice

  • Wanted design - NYC

  • New York Now - NYC

  • Maison&Object - Paris

  • Expo2020 - Dubai


Today we already have a project in these countries:

  • Argentina

  • Peru

  • Mexico

  • USA

  • Canada

  • England

  • France

  • Spain

  • Holland

  • Ukraine

  • Israel

  • Iran

  • India

  • United Arab Emirates

All of them manufactured 100% in Chile.



Everything described above has allowed us to comply with the 3 pillars of sustainability.

  1. To the country, since we stopped selling raw material and exported finished products.

  2. At the Company, all products are manufactured by interns, they are trained, they give work and help them with their social-labour reintegration. We already have more than 5 inmates who have left and have not committed a crime again.

  3. To the Environment, the sheets used to manufacture these products save an 80% carbon footprint, since they come from tailings ponds and use fewer natural resources compared to regular laminate, especially water.


If you are looking for quality and unique products, visit our store or contact us by writing to


Depending on its oxidation phase, copper acquires different colors.  

Through different techniques, we achieve a different and unique color.


Follow us @Qstudio_design

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